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Our Mission:

To redefine commerce, promote change, and a different and refreshing new World- While Striving to make a difference in achievement at the highest level of quality and satisfaction. 

What it is Tsunami USA Golf Academy:
A performance center located, in Naples, Florida. The Golf Performance Center is the SouthEasts Leading full-time golf academy for athletes of all ages and all levels. Our ultimate goal is to provide valued instruction, guidance, and support as well as a facility to nurture and develop each athlete while they navigate the challenging game of golf. TSUNAMI delivers customized golf instruction designed to provide aspiring athletes with improvement strategies for long-term success.

About Charles Lostracco 

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This Is What to Expect

Custom Clubs for A Better Game Period And More 
Our programs and services are heavily an in-depth process to help every individual we encounter. With us, it starts in the fitting bag and ends with you having the proper equipment. In order, for you to be able to play your best golf than ever before. Our system is designed to personally match your custom clubs to your swing and to greatly improve yourself regarding the subject of golf.

Re-Gripping Of Golf Club

Playing with worn out grips? Grips are one of the most important components of your golf clubs and provide the connection

between you and your clubs. Grips are designed to wear out and heat, dirt, and oils from your hands will degrade them over time.

It is recommended that grips get changed every 40 rounds for maximum performance. New grips provide the traction and

tackiness that allows for light grip pressure and a lack of tension that results in proper swing mechanics and more consistent


TSUNAMI USA stocks a wide selection of golf grips and can usually install them while you wait. If for some reason we don't

have the grips you want in stock, they can be ordered and usually arrive in a couple days.

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Golf Shafts 

Shafts are considered "the engine" of the golf club, and their importance is often overlooked by golfers. Shaft flex is usually the only factor considered when buying "off-the-rack" clubs, even though there are many factors that come into play when picking out shafts for all of your golf clubs. In addition to "flex", length, weight, torque, and flex profile need to be taken into account when picking out shafts. The best way to pick the right shaft is with a club fitting.

Using FlightScope, we analyze all of the major data points of your shots with different shafts to determine which setup is right for you. Have you previously been fitted and know which shafts you want? We carry many different brands and shafts, and have access to every shaft on the market.

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Contact Us

4600 Enterprise Ave, Naples, FL 34104


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Open Hours

Monday - Friday 

10 am - 5 pm 

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